It’s going around . . .

It must be contagious. Floating around in the air close to the school down the street from my house. Even though I don’t attend school anymore, it seems I am not immune from its touch. Call it what you will- ambition, drive, motivation, resolve- with the new school year starting, it’s going around. And I caught it.

The first Monday of a new school year is a good day to set goals, start a new habit, or otherwise turn over a new leaf. Like making the bed every morning or standing up straight. While good posture and neat habits are both good goals, I woke up today with a new (renewed?) zeal to update this blog more regularly. My interrupted Radish Challenge has been hard to recover from, but I am determined to shake it off. The new school year has always been a time of promise for me. As I filled out my school planners with assignments and class schedules, I dreamed of how organized and productive I was going to be. Even though, like I said, I haven’t been in school for years now, I seem to have caught a little bit of that old gusto.  So as the little kiddies step back onto the school bus, fill out their name tags, and remember not to cough on each other, I offer a toast to all of us setting new goals:

May the bus always stop for you, even if you’re not there to meet it.
May the tips of freshly sharpened pencils be at your back.
May the scent of a new box of crayons fill you with hope,
And distractions get left behind like lunchboxes.

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  1. Inspiring post, Jana! I hope that motivation comes to me soon, too. :)

  2. Kathleen Aug 16th 2010

    Okay, now you got my attention and fresh goals are rushing in; old failings be damned.

    One of your best ! Always love your musings…

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