Thristing and Nefting

There is a new sight around Casa de la Fredericks these days: Little Man Clothes! I know the day will quickly come when this sight is so commonplace to me that it will inspire chagrin more than anything else. But for now it gives me a little buzz to see all these eensy little things hanging in a row. For such tiny things they sure take up vast amounts of clothes pins!

While I don’t seem to have ever caught the full-out nesting bug of pregnancy (mostly I’d just rather sleep than clean the base boards), I have been perusing unknown areas of thrift stores recently. Like the baby clothes and children’s books. There is the usual rush of finding some unexpected and unlooked for treasure in a pile of dusty debris. But there’s also the added frisson of knowing that my baby is going to wear that onesie someday and I ‘m going to read that book to my toddler someday. It’s the thrill of thrifting married to the insistence of nesting that makes shopping for used baby items so addicting. It’s thristing. Or is it nefting? I’m inclined to go with nefting.

And the “Find of the Day” prize goes to:

The vintage, well loved copy of The Wind in the Willows.

I can’t wait till Theodore’s old enough to read this with me. We can discover this classic together, as I haven’t ever read it either.

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  1. Christine Apr 9th 2011

    Yay for baby boys! Congratulations!

  2. Rachelle Apr 10th 2011

    I can’t wait for nefting someday! Actually a long time ago I bought a little onesie with tiny strawberry print at Goodwill, despite not being pregnant, just as a little wish for the future. I think I still have it somewhere.

    I’ve heard the full out, clean-the-baseboards type of nesting is closer to labor?

  3. Rachelle,
    I think nefting is so much more fun than going to Babies R Us or something. Anyone can find baby stuff there. But finding the perfect little onesie at a thrift store ( i.e. the striped scooter one in the picture) really taps into your pioneer-woman-resourcefulness pride.
    I think there is a strong nesting push during early labor. But apparently many women also experience a prolonged burst of energy during their later second/ early third trimesters. I never got that. Trying not to feel cheated and bitter…

  4. Thanks Christine!

  5. Oh I wasn’t supposed to wear those?

  6. Mounds of dirty (or even clean) baby clothes don’t make me feel chagrined; I’m always happy to see the brightly-colored miniature clothes that remind me of the baby I so fervently prayed for. I do love a good thrift, and maybe we could go together when I’m in town? Little man clothes are such a novelty to me!

  7. I would love to go nefting with you Liz!

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