Fun in Jars

Baby-tidian does not seem to have a very refined palate; everything tastes equally good. Fingers. Edges of blankets. His pet dragon fly Merve. His bottom lip. A fistful of cat fur. When he lunged after a jar of dried strawberries, he couldn’t decide which was more fun– gumming the glass or watching the red berries jump around the jar. My Mama Sense tingled. This was a good toy.

It all came together in a jiffy. My stash of Italian glass beads that I’d been saving for who knows what jangled into the oddly shaped jelly jar I had just washed. The cool glass feels good on his pre-teething gums. The beads are pretty to look at. It goes easily from floor to diaper bag. No plastic. No tinny electronic voice. And it’s free. The perfect toy.

Until he learns to unscrew the lid.

I love things like this. The reuse part of “Reduce Reuse Recycle.” It makes me feel like a genius mama and is less annoying than washing plastic baggies.

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