A Good Morning

:: awakening amid languid snuggles rather than angry cries
:: savoring the smell of a home soaked in fresh air from windows left open overnight
:: walking past a still dark window just as all the birds in the neighborhood woke up singing
:: taking advantage of the lovely weather by getting three loads of laundry on the line before noon
:: noticing our first daffodil finally blooming, with the promise of more to come
:: inhabiting a new sense of calm thanks to magnesium supplements (thanks Deirdre!)
:: finishing my coffee before Baby-tidian wanted in on the fun

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  1. Erin S. Feb 18th 2012

    Love this post. :) I woke up to the same beautiful morning here in Florence, SC. :) lovely weather! Spring is close down here.

  2. Oh yes! When they wake up talking instead of crying, you know you’ve really made it! Have a happy rest of the weekend.

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