The mac ‘n’ cheese kitchen: Pantry edition

The mac ‘n’ cheese kitchen: a room most often seen in urban areas that seems like an afterthought with a fridge squeezed in, postage stamp size counters,  and just enough cupboard space to store a few pots, bowls, and of course, your blue stash of mac ‘n’ cheese. I am now the proud humble renter of just such a kitchen. I must keep repeating my mantra of “beautiful kitchens do not good food make” as I attempt to render this kitchen functional for cooking more than macaroni. 

The pantry was my biggest concern moving into this apartment with a mac ‘n’ cheese kitchen. (Well, that and cloth diapering with a coin op machine in another building.) The cupboards were clearly not going to be sufficient to hold my collection of pots and pans, various mixing bowls, and a well curated pantry.

Following the best small kitchen advice I’ve heard, I looked outside the kitchen walls to find my pantry. As luck would have it, there’s a coat closet right around the corner. Not nearly my dream butler’s pantry but quite serviceable nonetheless. And you can’t beat the fully closing door to toddler proof the area. I had dreams of building floor to ceiling shelves like Erik and Kelly from Root Simple. Alas, my luck ran out when I discovered brick immediately behind the drywall. Were we planning on living here long term, I would have forged ahead. Instead, I decided to heed my rule about making use of what I already own and turn one of my metro shelves into a pantry in said closet. Conveniently, the upper shelves are just wide enough to store all my appliances, since counter space is the Boardwalk of this kitchen Monopoly.

Here’s the closet “before”:

And the pantry “after”:

*Want a pantry like this of your own? Watch for my upcoming post “Tips for Organizing a Bulk Foods Pantry.”

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4 Replies

  1. Rachelle Sep 22nd 2012

    So where’d you put the leather jacket?

  2. Jana@ Collected Quotidian Sep 22nd 2012

    That picture was actually taken before we moved in. It’s the previous renter’s. So I Imagine it got put in a box.

  3. I found you thru Root Simple and have been reading your blog all morning. This post grabbed me because although I live in a pretty large home with a decent sized kitchen, we are very storage poor. I began looking outside the kitchen for space. What I ended up with was the large clothes closet in our basement!

    I put in a heavy duty storage rack and it now serves as canned and dry goods back-up. I have buckets of flour, bags of rice and cases of canned goods. I keep smaller containers in the kitchen and refill when necessary. I keep one or two of each canned good in the cupboard. Now I love going downstairs to shop my little pantry stash!

  4. Jana@ Collected Quotidian Jan 10th 2013

    That’s a great idea! I love how creative storage can seem so much more satisfying than just filling up pre-existing cupboards.

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