I have an ambivalent relationship with  “About” pages. On the one hand, they are one of the first things I look for when reading a book, article, or blog. I confess that this desire is at least half old-fashioned nosiness. The other half,  however, is a respectable desire to establish the author’s credibility (point of view, context, bias, whatever you want to call it).

On the other hand, I detest writing them. I always feel like I’ve misrepresented myself to the reader, either by flattering embellishments or evasive minimalism.  Do I put up the Glamour Shot or the closeup of my eyes or elbow or something?

So, the best I can come up with is the equivalent of a photo album.  The list below encompasses snapshots of my life.  Some are closeups, but I promise I tried to keep the Glamour Shots to a minimum.

  • I play a bit part in a soap opera who’s main stars are three cats named Basil, Maggie, and Marvin the Girl. They are named after my favorite herb, favorite Simpson’s character, and favorite Hitchhiker’s Guide character, respectively.
  • I married Mr. Quotidian on January 18th, 2009.  We still like each other. Most of the time.
  • I’ve finally won Pin the Diploma on the College. I will now commence in not using my degree.
  • My Christmas ornaments are one of the few things capable of making me truly sentimental.
  • My agricultural clock is ticking.
  • I love garden alchemy- last year’s leaves turning into garlic, manure turning into tomatoes, and slugs turning into eggs.
  • My bedtime reading is a cookbook.
  • I am the Sprout Whisperer. Otherwise known as the Greenhouse Manager at City Roots.
  • Every three years or so I get the desire to pack up and move someplace new.  When I can’t move, I rearrange the furniture.
  • One of my deepest desires is to belong to a specific piece of land.
  • I realize the irony implicit in the previous two statements.
  • I relish finding new ways to render the grocery store obsolete.
  • I enjoy the smallness of daily routines and habits.  But I desire to see them become more than the sum of their parts.

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  1. I followed the link to your blog from City Roots and wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your writing. I am attempting some of the things you already have in place at City Roots on my place in Gilbert. Anyway, I’m a fan and I’ll be keeping up.

  2. Funny thing – my husband and I googled “how to store radishes” and I just clicked on this link since it was one of the first. I live in WV (you referenced Huntington in the radish blog) and I have a cat named Basil too.

    Anyway, great blog, good advice on radish storage, and terrific writing! I’ll have to keep checking in and seeing what’s new!

  3. Auntie Jan 27th 2012

    Nice chicken. You 2 have the same color feathers :-) ))

  4. tatjana Aug 21st 2012

    love you writing…

  5. judith Nov 10th 2012

    me too,i LOVE your writing. its the best i’ve read on a food blog. cause you make me care about what you’re talking about. but,say, how do i get you to send your blog to my email box?

  6. Jana@ Collected Quotidian Nov 11th 2012

    Judith, I’m not set up yet to do such things automatically. I’m currently updating things, so will hopefully have that option available soon. Do you use Google reader? You can subscribe to my blog there and it will notify you when I’ve posted. And thank you for your kind words.

  7. I am wondering who you are? I noticed a gallon of Butter Patch RAW Jersey Milk in one of your pictures, as I was looking for Alton Brown’s version of storing beets. Patrice seems to know you. I live in Aiken, and own Noble Breads and Grocer. Am also a chapter leader for Weston A Price. So, who might you be? Looking forward to your response!

  8. Nicola Portess Jul 8th 2013

    Did a search for radish (six varieties btw) storage as this is my first attempt at veg & fruit growing (I’m 45) & I’ve about 20 ‘things’ on the go… lots of ‘whoopees’ & few ‘oh no’s’. However, I’d just like to say I really do like your personality & website and its not often I give compliments! Cheers m’dear

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