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The First Basil Harvest

IMG_2186Please observe a moment of silence to commemorate the beginning of basil season.

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. . . and then graduation happened . . .


And the rejoicing took many forms.

SC and FL trip 030We ate some ice cream

IMG_4079and held some chickens.

IMG_4094We learned some math

IMG_4084and fraternized with some butterflies.

SC and FL trip 009We took some pictures

SC and FL trip 023and smiled for some cameras.

SC and FL trip 037We celebrated Mother’s Day with some mothers

SC and FL trip 039and ate some good food.

SC and FL trip 018We got some diplomas

SC and FL trip 025and gave some kisses.

And through all of this, the radishes got sliced into salads. blended into dips, and arranged on pizzas. So, while the radishes did not languish, my blogging did. I will post the results soon!

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