Round River Farms


Welcome to Round River Farms!  The garden is built on the “square-foot” system.  Each box has several different vegetables growing in it.  In the back, near the middle, is the greenhouse where all the seedlings were born.  One of my first jobs is to fix the broken trellises on the right.


This is what the trellises are supposed to look like.  They’re made out of bamboo.  Eventually, when the peas and tomatoes have climbed up them, I think they’ll make a really cool tunnel – perfect for a romantic interlude.


A typical garden box- tomato plants, basil, and marigolds.  We also are growing squash, cucumber, eggplant, lettuces, dill, sage, lemon balm, onions, soybeans, collards, potatoes, and probably some other vegetables I forgot.


This is some broccoli I planted several months during my interview.  It’s proof that I must have at least a little green thumb in my blood.


A squash blossom.  At the bottom you can see the blossom growing into a cucumber.


My chicken friends.


The pond across from the garden.  Very Zennish, isn’t it?

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